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Road deaths globally kill approximately 1.35 million people and injure another 50 million per year and are the highest killer of 5 to 29 year olds. In line with the United Nations and UN Member States’ target of reducing road deaths by 50% by 2030, Anditi has developed RoadViewer, a web-portal based accredited iRAP Inspection System.

RoadViewer is unique in that it allows users to inspect and code Star Rating attributes for roads to iRAP accreditation standards using a combination of 3D mobile LiDAR data and 360-degree imagery.

Access TomTom’s global database

The mobile LiDAR and 360-degree imagery RoadViewer uses has been captured by our partners TomTom as part of its global mobile mapping (MoMa) program. The MoMa program captures 3 million kilometres of new data in over 60 countries per year.

How does it work?

Instead of needing to send physical teams for manual data collection and inspections using video, Anditi can provide ‘off the shelf’ MoMa data from TomTom archives. This provides access to millions of kms of unique road data globally, saving on human resources as well fuel, travel, and capture costs. RoadViewer makes it easy to assess and code road attributes to iRAP standards more quickly, more accurately, and more cheaply than ever before

Inspect roads in spectacular detail

TomTom’s fleet of MoMa vehicles collect over 3.8 billion pixels of 360-degree imagery per kilometre and 700,000 mobile LiDAR data points per second, providing a stunning level of clarity.

Unrivalled 3D road coverage

The mobile LiDAR is captured continuously and 360-degree imagery is captured approximately every 8 metres. This means that full 3D cover is achieved with no gaps in the data along the road network.

Experience a new level of accuracy

RoadViewer’s range of visualisation and measurement tools enable users to quickly and accurately identify and code a broad range of road and safety attributes. This includes lane widths, shoulder widths, slopes, distance to trees, safety barriers, power poles etc.

Transition to the future

In addition to manual coding of Star Rating attributes, the RoadViewer system has been designed to facilitate the transition from video based manual iRAP coding, to Ai-RAP accredited automated Star Rating coding, using mobile LiDAR and 360-degree imagery. Roadviewer and the MoMa data it accesses can also be used in developing Safer Road Investment Plans, as well as for other purposes such as, the automatic identification of road assets and the calculation of bridge clearances.

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Anditi’s purpose and Intent is to assist in creating more sustainable global communities by empowering people and organisations to be more informed, more resourceful and more efficient.


iRAP’s aim is to save lives and prevent serious injuries on the worlds road by making every road 3 stars and above and achieve ‘Vision 0’

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TomTom’s vision is a safe, connected, autonomous world that is free of congestion and emissions.

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