About Us

Our mission is to reduce Road Deaths on a global scale.

Australian Owned & Operated.
World #1
iRAP accredited 3D LiDAR Inspection System
degree imagery
7 years
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Our Why.

Traditional methods of assessing and surveying roads involve stages of tedious manual data collection and analysis which is slow and inaccurate. Frequently, data has to be captured multiple times to answer slightly different questions. Organisations need to rely on expensive data specialists simply to view 3D data and perform basic measurements. This all adds up to be an expensive a slow burden on the decision-making process. When analysing bridge clearances, surveyors will often need to stop traffic to conduct their surveys, which is costly, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous.Our technology uses existing sources of mobile LiDAR and 360-degree imagery such as those captured globally by navigation mapping companies such as TomTom to help achieve the UN’s goals more quickly, cheaply, and accurately than anyone else. Roadviewer provides a simple, yet powerful way for users to view and analyse road data online without resorting to manual data collection or outsourced specialists.

Behind the brand.

“Anditi evolved from over 25 years of seeing first-hand how valuable access to quality spatial data was and how it could significantly reduce time and resource usage, reduce waste generation and help us as a community be more sustainable. At the heart of this was the realisation that data is a resource. Similar to natural resources such as wool, wheat, iron ore and crude oil, in its raw form data it is of often of limited use, but it can be processed and refined to a highly valuable and useful product. Unlike other resources, data is easily transported and can be reused and repurposed many times over, without requiring significant amounts of energy or generating waste and so RoadViewer was born with the goal to build a safer future."