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Remote surveying accuracy is within the cm!

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Remote surveying requires 10% of the time and money spent on manual surveying

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High Quality LIDAR

Roadviewer will be the first iRAP accredited inspection system that utilises 3D LiDAR technology. RoadViewer uses 3D LiDAR data and 360 degree imagery from our global partner TomTom. Roadviewer’s LiDAR data is accurate to within 2cm, allowing a level of precision far beyond the current system of an analyst viewing a still image on a computer screen, resulting in a far greater level of accuracy when measuring attributes such as gradient, curvature, roadside hazards, and bridge clearances.

Data Science & AI

In addition to manual coding of Star Rating attributes, the RoadViewer system has been designed to facilitate the future transition from video based manual iRAP coding, to AiRAP accredited accelerated and intelligent Star Rating coding, using mobile LiDAR and 360-degree imagery and associated AI and machine learning techniques.

iRAP Accredited

iRAP Accredited Suppliers and Inspection Systems will be key to meeting the recommendations of the recently launched Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The Plan recommends for the development of functional classifications and complete assessments using independent and accredited experts to ensure a minimum safety standard of 3-stars or better for all road users.

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