How Does it work?

To source road data and to gain access to RoadViewer, contact Anditi at or through to request the roads for which you would like to have data. Please provide us with a shapefile, KML, or similar of the road that you are interested in and details of the road (road name, starting co-ordinates and end co-ordinates). If the road is divided (i.e. more than one carriageway) please identify which carriageway or carriageways you require data for.

If there are specific starting locations for the 100 metre segments to be used (i.e. to allow comparison with existing data), please also provide a shapefile, KML, or similar for these locations.

Anditi will review the requested section of road against TomTom’s database and will advise what data is available, when it was captured, and the cost of providing the data. If the data is not available, Anditi will advise the estimated costs and timeframe for TomTom or others to custom capture the requested section of road. If you already have data that you would like to use, please provide details.

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